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PHP DayZ-Server Overview Application

This application is an alpha version. It shows information about the players on the server and some server vars. Some additional features will be included the next days and some features will be optimized soon. The DayZ-Server Application contains some features:
  • List of players on the server
  • Server will be queried every 10 minutes
  • support for multiple domains (shards) with multiple servers
  • various possibilities to configure this application
  • supporting cron job server query
  • Player statistics
  • ...
Statistics are taken from DayZ-Server logfiles when naming is like DayZServer_x64_yyyy_mm_dd_hhmissnnn.ADM where yyyy_mm_dd is the date and hhmiss is the time the logfile was final closed. Other name formats can be supported (depends on format).

The application can not be downloaded at the moment, but please leave a comment in forum if you like the application or not. I am also interessted when you want the application on your homepage.

More information coming soon...
Developed by VoiD, (c) 2017,, version 0.9.1